biotech - solvent recovery Optimization

Solvent recovery optimization project resulted in avoiding rebuilding of solvent recovery system.  Optimized solvent recovery system significantly improved product quality and consistency.  Capacity increase demand was met using existing infrastructure, minimizing capital investment.

Monomer process optimization

Continuous monomer process optimization using a hybrid Six Sigma methodology.  Project goals focused on specific energy consumption reduction and throughput increase.  Optimization project resulted in a 7.4% throughput increase and a 13% reduction in specific energy consumption.

polymer Process Optimization

Continuous polymer process optimization using a hybrid Six Sigma methodology.  Project goals focused on reaction and wastewater processing.  DOE results reduced wastewater generation, and azeotropic distillation optimization lead to a 5% total plant energy utilization reduction and a 7% throughput increase.

completed projects


Wells-to-wheels analysis for a major automobile manufacture redirected research efforts to more economically feasible technologies.

Biodiesel manufacturing FEL completed on-time and on-schedule.

Green-gasoline large pilot plant project completed on-time and on-budget.

Crop science process engineering

Conceptual process engineering of the recovery of a novel petroleum replacement precursor compound produced from genetically engineered plants.  Project results included preliminary process layout and economic analysis of product compared with competing processes.

biotech process engineering

Conceptual process engineering and FEL completed on-time and on-budget, with results integrated into company's business plan.  Economic analysis lead to the redirection of company's market focus and end-product delivery strategy.