About RPC

Founded in 2011 by Peter J. Ryan, the mission of Response Process Consulting is to work with our clients to improve the performance of their processes using the same state-of-the-art methods available in-house at large multinational process companies.  As the principal at RPC, Mr. Ryan brings 25 years of process optimization experience to RPC’s partners to achieve the goals and targets considered critical to the customer’s business plan.  With successful projects completed in the chemical-, pharmaceutical-, biotech-, and crop science-sectors, RPC has gained the insight that a consistent, proven optimization approach can be used for all types of processes.  Significant optimization methods have been developed in different process sectors.  For example, Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Partial Least Squares (PLS) modeling have been successfully used in the interpretation of NIR spectra.  The field of Chemometrics uses these methods extensively.  The same methods have successfully been applied to process modeling and optimization in both the continuous and batch sectors, demonstrating that well developed analytical methods are being used in a consistent manner in various

The RPC optimization toolbox includes process modeling using historical process data, commercial steady-state simulators, statistical analysis packages (Matlab, Pandas, R and Minitab), and a hybrid Six Sigma methodology that integrates these tools to support the optimization team.  Gaining process knowledge from a variety of sources has proven to be the critical factor in successful optimization projects.