Statistical Process Optimization

Process Control

Process Engineering

About rpc

RPC discovers the Lead Process Variables that drive your process, and determines where they should be controlled for optimal performance.

25-years of process, process control and process optimization engineering experience focused on batch and continuous process optimization.

Advanced Process Control, ProVox, DeltaV, Experion  Configuration Engineering, if your optimization goals call for control modifications, we can help!

Aspen, UniSim, ProSim, CHEMCAD, PDPlus, or your specific simulation package, we can create or modify existing models to describe your process.

Experience and ability

experience in the pharmaceutical, biotech, monomer/polymer, batch and continuous process sectors

RPC has developed a hybrid Six Sigma methodology that uses advanced statistical and modeling tools to discover process fundamentals and indicates where the lead process variables need to be maintained for optimal process performance.  Process engineering options and Advanced Process Control are often used to realize the process optimization goals.


  • Historical process data analysis
  • DOE, PCA, PLS modeling
  • Process benchmarking
  • Six Sigma team training and leadership
  • KPI measurement
  • Project planning and execution


  • Biotech
  • Monomer/Polymer/Coatings
  • Commodities
  • Crop Science
  • Process Engineering, Process Control